Frequently Asked Questions:

What does Exclusive purchase mean?
Exclusive means a one time sale. You will be the only owner of the template layout.

What does non-exclusive purchase mean?
Non-Exclusive templates are sold to a number of users. These templates have been designed so you can quickly purchase a layout for your site and get it online quick and easy.

How long does it take to design a web site?
Each client has different needs. Larger sites need more time to design. We will be happy to discuss your web site and answer these types of questions based on your specific design.

How do you determine what a site will look like?
Depending on the type of site- we design several different layouts so the client has a choice to pick what style they like most.

Can I see my site in the design process?
Yes. We have a private location for each client that is password protected so they can watch their site in the design stages.

How much do you charge for customized templates?
Customized templates start at $50. We have customized templates for as low as $30. The final price depends on the design needs.

What payment options are available for your services?
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diners Club and JCB and derivatives of those brands. Payments are processed with Secure online ordering system. We also accept checks and money orders.

Who owns the copyright of the design once it's completed and paid for?
Dare-to-Design will retain all copyrights unless you state that you wish to pay the extra fee to own the copyright.

Will you design my non-profit web site for free?
We may be interested. Send all request to us stating information about your non-profit organization. Larger non-profit sites will be excluded from this offer.

How do I use your templates?
We design our templates so it's easy for the user to insert their text and content to them. Our templates are very friendly to use with MS FrontPage and other html editors. All templates are written in HTML. Any use of generic HTML editors, with the exception of notepad, might effect the coding. Therefore, we will not be responsible for template problems associated with these programs.

How long have you been a web designer?
Since 1997. see some of our work.

Will you host my web site for free?
At this time we do not offer free web hosting. If you have a need for web hosting, visit d-t-d web hosting for affordable hosting, fast-friendly services, and great tech support.

Will you send the font used for my design?
We do not include fonts. Font designers own the copyrights, and currently we do not design our own fonts.

Will you customize my link buttons and site title?
Yes we will for a small fee. Contact us with your needs.

How do I add text to images?
We recommend Photo Shop or Paint Shop Pro to add text to images. There are also many online tutorials to assist in learning these programs.

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For Personal Use only
Linkware templates

5 Page basic web site "now" only $350.
Special Includes

up to 15 images/pictures inserted,
unlimited text, custom email form for feedback, help registering a domain name and locating the right web hosting provider.

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